New to Emergency Communications? Have Questions?

We welcome new members to our organization, and want to do what we can to help you learn more about Emergency Communications (EmComm). Take a look at our “Starting with EmComm” page, or use our Contact page to send us a message.

Zoom Trainings and Meetings

Training sessions and EmComm meetings are generally held via the Zoom video platform. This includes the 4th Wednesday of each month FRS Zoom Session which begins June 26, 2024. The link will often appear as a red button on the day of meetings, and you can also request the link ahead of time.

About Radios: Ham, GMRS and FRS

You don’t have to be an electronics whiz or a licensed radio operator to be involved in EmComm. While operators using Ham radios need to pass a knowledge test and be licensed, other options are open to you. GMRS radios only require an application and fee for the operator, and FRS radios (commonly known as “Walkie Talkies”) do not require a license, and are quite affordable. Learn more…

Note for FRS operators: beginning June 26, 2024, we will be holding a monthly 4th Wednesday FRS Training/Discussion via Zoom.

What Will YOU Do When the Shaking Stops? serves and provides web support for radio amateurs preparing to provide emergency communications (EmComm) for Eugene, Oregon and surrounding areas. Licensed HAM radio operators, as well as users of FRS and GMRS radios are working to prepare for emergencies where other traditional means of communication (land lines, and cell phones) may not be available. The group comprises volunteers of diverse interests and backgrounds, but with a common commitment to build and maintain an emergency communications infrastructure. While a possible Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake is a primary motivator, the group is preparing to be of service in any emergency where their communications skills may be needed.

For more information about our organization that you can’t find on the site, or to find out how you might become involved, download our brochure or visit our Contact page.