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  1. Thank you for this video debriefing the Saturday exercise. I live in River Road and am a member of the RRCO Emergency Preparedness Team in the NW District. I am hoping that we will be prepared to participate in future exercises. Even though I am very new to FRS radios I found watching this debrief to be enormously helpful. In terms of the Exercise Committee Andy Davis is recommending be created, I think it would be important for there to be representation from the neighborhood Em Prep Teams, including new FRS operators, and not only the neighborhood and district net controls.

    1. Hi Charlsey,

      Thank you for your email comment to the Eugene EmComm page. I too am hopeful that the RRCO and Santa Clara neighborhoods will soon be able to join future EmComm exercises. I know Ed and Jacque have been doing a great job working with RRCO in preparedness. My goal is for all neighborhoods in the Northwest District to have working neighborhood survey teams with FRS radios surveying their neighborhoods after a major event or a training exercise. I think that is a good idea to have a representative with the exercise committee on planning future EmComm exercise and training. I would like for each of the City of Eugene District have a representative.

      My goal for 2022 is to develop these neighborhood survey teams, have neighborhoods do some independent training and exercises with these teams and maybe twice a year we do a major city wide exercise.

      If you have other questions or thoughts, please get in touch with me and I’ll try my best to help.

      Thank you,

      Andy Davis
      KJ7JDN – Amateur Radio
      WRDE880 – GMRS
      Eugene EMCOMM Net Manager
      Eugene/Springfield CERT Steering Committee Chair​
      Northeast District CERT Leader

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