Andy Davis (KJ7JDN), Jim Davis (KJ7HCG) and Mike McCornack (KJ7HCH) joined CERTS Shiela Pardee and Phil Hartwig talking with folks in the Harlow Neighborhood at the Harlow Block Party, held at North Park Community Church on June 18, 2022. Despite a rainy start and setup, we had a great day and got to talk to a lot of wonderful neighbors, as well as the Eugene Emeralds mascot, Sluggo.

In the early days of the development of our EmComm group, the Northeast Area Hams developed the website as a place to share information, documents, media and ideas related to our work. As the site became more widely used by members in the greater Eugene area group, came online to respond to the needs of the entire area. As most of the content included on both sites was identical, we made the decision to gradually phase out That domain name still exists for the time being, but entering it on your address bar or using a saved bookmark or link to go to that site will now bring you directly to

There is now a sub-domain on this site dedicated to items specific to the Northeast Neighborhood (and another for Friendly Neighborhood Hams as well), but hopefully concentrating all EmComm information on a single site will simplify things for all our users. Please feel free to let us know what you think on our Contact page.

Andy Davis, KJ7JDN, will be leading a Damage Assessment Team training on Saturday May 14th, 2022, from 10am to noon at Norkenzie Christian Church, 2530 Crescent Avenue in Eugene. The training is for CERTs and all Damage Assessment Teams that are formed or are forming. If you have not started a team but have some neighbors that may be interested, invite them to this training. We that live in the northeast district of Eugene need to step up and start building teams, do some training and start using our CERT training.

For more information, please use the Contact form.

Eugene Ready! A Disaster Preparedness Training Day, is coming Sunday, May 22 to Alton Baker ParkThis anticipated “pop-up” academy for Eugene residents was postponed last summer out of an abundance of viral caution and it has moved from Amazon Park to Alton Baker with more space and parking.

“The Eugene Neighborhood Leaders Council in partnership with PathFinderEX are providing no cost disaster preparedness training for Eugene Neighborhood Association Members. Lunch provided and event limited to first 100 registered.”

Registration is needed by May 17 at

Also from its website:

“PathFinderEX is a non-profit committed to providing training and education in disaster preparedness and response skills through both in-person and online venues for the instruction of students, citizens, government representatives, first responders, healthcare professionals and volunteers, and those who are members of organizations, civilian and government agencies, community businesses, and other qualifying partners.”We provide communal spaces for collaboration of effort toward community equity with a focus on instruction and planning services for organizations to help plan, prepare, respond, and mitigate the consequences of natural and manmade disasters, and offer annual academies of disaster preparedness and response learning for inter-agency partners within the national response framework.”

PathFinderEX also hosts annual events such as disaster preparedness pop-up academies that provide training and a full-scale multi-agency exercise. These events are (normally) tuition-based and are great for individuals, organizations, or multi-agency groups.

There is a really nice article in the Register-Guard under the byline of Adam Duvernay dated March 27, 2022, introducing the community to the volunteer work being done by CERTs and amateur radio volunteers to prepare for emergencies. Thanks to Thia, KJ7CNH for providing the link:

This was brought to our attention by Thia Bell, KJ7CNH:

One day only. No registration needed.

From the website: “For 2022, as last year, we will be streaming the Comm Academy presentations on our YouTube channel. Please join our community by logging in to your own YouTube account so that you can participate in the chat and ask questions of our presenters.

There is no advance registration required this year. The link to the YouTube stream will be highlighted on this page on the 9th, or you can simply navigate directly to our channel. “

Thanks to Don Metheny, AI7AD, Charlie Patton N7CMP, and Thia Bell KJ7CNH for providing useful links for locating Hams, and a way for finding your Neighborhood Association in the City of Eugene. These links are also available on this site’s Links page.

Call Sign Search

There are two ways I use to find the address of local hams if I know their call sign.

  1. 1.  Go to the official FCC database call sign lookup at License Search ( Then enter the call sign and search.  You’ll see their call sign listed.  Click on the call sign to see the details.and their address.  If they use a PO Box, you will not see their street address.
  2. 2.  Go to and enter a call sign in the box at the left end of the top banner.  You will see the call sign and get the message: “Login is required for additional detail. Email: Login required to view.”  Joining is easy and free if you choose the basic option.  I stay logged in since I find this site easiest to use.  Your choice.  As you click on the tabs you will see an amazing amount of data including bearing and distance to their station.  This works because each user is asked to fill in a bit of data on their station.  

Neighborhood Search

To find out what neighborhood an address is in, go to City of Eugene Neighborhoods | Eugene, OR Website ( and scroll down to the section below the map that reads “Find my Neighborhood Association and City Council ward.”

Another Ham Locator Link allows one to put on a map all the hams near a specified location. (e.g. grid square)