Andy Davis (KJ7JDN), Jim Davis (KJ7HCG) and Mike McCornack (KJ7HCH) joined CERTS Shiela Pardee and Phil Hartwig talking with folks in the Harlow Neighborhood at the Harlow Block Party, held at North Park Community Church on June 18, 2022. Despite a rainy start and setup, we had a great day and got to talk to a lot of wonderful neighbors, as well as the Eugene Emeralds mascot, Sluggo.

In the early days of the development of our EmComm group, the Northeast Area Hams developed the website as a place to share information, documents, media and ideas related to our work. As the site became more widely used by members in the greater Eugene area group, came online to respond to the needs of the entire area. As most of the content included on both sites was identical, we made the decision to gradually phase out That domain name still exists for the time being, but entering it on your address bar or using a saved bookmark or link to go to that site will now bring you directly to

There is now a sub-domain on this site dedicated to items specific to the Northeast Neighborhood (and another for Friendly Neighborhood Hams as well), but hopefully concentrating all EmComm information on a single site will simplify things for all our users. Please feel free to let us know what you think on our Contact page.