ICS-213 Numbering

Following up on the suggestion of a uniform numbering scheme by Gerry, KK7GAB during our debrief on September 24, 2022, here is a suggested list of abbreviations we might use on our ICS-213 forms as neighborhood hams. For example, in Northwest Santa Clara, the forms would be numbered NW-SC-001.

Northwest (NW)
Active Bethel CitizensNW-ABCNW-AB
Industrial Corridor Community OrganizationNW-ICCONW-IC
River Road Community OrganizationNW-RRCONW-RR
Santa Clara Community OrganizationNW-SCCONW-SC
Trainsong NeighborsNW-TNNW-TN
Northeast (NE)
Cal Young Neighborhood AssociationNE-CYNANE-CY
Goodpasture Island NeighborsNE-GINNE-GI
Harlow NeighborsNE-HNNE-HN
Northeast NeighborsNE-NNNE-NN
Southwest (SW)
Churchill Area NeighborsSW-CANSW-CA
Far West Neighborhood AssociationSW-FWNASW-FW
West Eugene Community OrganizationSW-WECOSW-WE
Southeast 1 (SE1)
Southeast NeighborsSE1-SNSE1-SN
Southwest Hills Neighborhood AssociationSE1-SHNASE1-SH
Southeast 2 (SE2)
Downtown Neighborhood AssociationSE2-DNASE2-DN
Friendly Area NeighborsSE2-FANSE2-FA
Jefferson Westside NeighborsSE2-JWNSE2-JW
West University NeighborsSE2-WUNSE2-WU
Whiteaker Community CouncilSE2-WCCSE2-WC
Southeast 3 (SE3)
Amazon Neighbors AssociationSE3-ANASE3-AN
Fairmount NeighborsSE3-FNSE3-FN
Laurel Hill Valley CitizensSE3-LHVCSE3-LH
South University Neighborhood AssociationSE3-SUNASE3-SU

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