Modified ICS-213 Numbering

Following discussion on the October 5, 2022 Net, here is a modified version of Gerry Brown’s (KK7GAB) numbering scheme for the ICS-213 forms. Those filling out the forms would number them using their four letter* neighborhood code, followed by a three digit number, e.g. “NWABxxx” or “S2FAxxx”, where “xxx” is a serial number beginning with 000.

*The numbered southeast neighborhoods are identified only by the abbreviation “S” and the neighborhood number; “SE1SN” becomes “S1SN” to adhere to the four character standard.

Northwest (NW)
Active Bethel CitizensNWAB
Industrial Corridor Community OrganizationNWIC
River Road Community OrganizationNWRR
Santa Clara Community OrganizationNWSC
Trainsong NeighborsNWTN
Northeast (NE)
Cal Young Neighborhood AssociationNECY
Goodpasture Island NeighborsNEGI
Harlow NeighborsNEHN
Northeast NeighborsNENN
Southwest (SW)
Churchill Area NeighborsSWCA
Far West Neighborhood AssociationSWFW
West Eugene Community OrganizationSWWE
Southeast 1 (SE1)
Southeast NeighborsS1SN
Southwest Hills Neighborhood AssociationS1SH
Southeast 2 (SE2)
Downtown Neighborhood AssociationS2DN
Friendly Area NeighborsS2FA
Jefferson Westside NeighborsS2JW
West University NeighborsS2WU
Whiteaker Community CouncilS2WC
Southeast 3 (SE3)
Amazon Neighbors AssociationS3AN
Fairmount NeighborsS3FN
Laurel Hill Valley CitizensS3LH
South University Neighborhood AssociationS3SU

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