December 14, 2022 – During this evening’s net, the subject of code (CW) transmission drew a great deal of attention. Here are some of the resources that were mentioned:

  • The ARRL code practice files page. This page provides a number of practice transmissions at various speeds.
  • Valley Radio Club sponsors a “Slow Code Net” on Thursdays at 8:30 pm on 28.450 MHz for practicing slow Morse code. The net is managed by Scott Rosenfeld, N7JI. You will find more information on the VRC’s Local Nets page.

Gerry Brown KK7GAB, Thia Bell KJ7CNH, and Mike McCornack KJ7HCH collaborated on a brochure to introduce community members to Eugene EmComm and what we do. A PDF version of the brochure can be downloaded and printed out here. After printing it out 2-sided (use the “Short Side” option if you do duplex printing) do a standard tri-fold to create a sharable brochure.

Folding a Standard Tri-Fold Brochure

Starting with the brochure laying on a flat surface with the brochure front and back information sections facing down, make a fold from the right side of the paper, 1/3 of the way in from the right side of the sheet. Then fold in the left one-third of the sheet to meet the right edge of the brochure.

For the more compulsive (I count myself a member of this group), you can score the paper before folding to make the folds easier to do, and providing a cleaner finished look. With the sheet laying front section down as described above, make one vertical score 3-11/16″ from the left, and a second vertical score 7-3/8″ from the left. If you happen to have a rotary paper cutter, scoring blades are available which make this task simple and quick.