Gerry Brown KK7GAB, Thia Bell KJ7CNH, and Mike McCornack KJ7HCH collaborated on a brochure to introduce community members to Eugene EmComm and what we do. A PDF version of the brochure can be downloaded and printed out here. After printing it out 2-sided (use the “Short Side” option if you do duplex printing) do a standard tri-fold to create a sharable brochure.

Folding a Standard Tri-Fold Brochure

Starting with the brochure laying on a flat surface with the brochure front and back information sections facing down, make a fold from the right side of the paper, 1/3 of the way in from the right side of the sheet. Then fold in the left one-third of the sheet to meet the right edge of the brochure.

For the more compulsive (I count myself a member of this group), you can score the paper before folding to make the folds easier to do, and providing a cleaner finished look. With the sheet laying front section down as described above, make one vertical score 3-11/16″ from the left, and a second vertical score 7-3/8″ from the left. If you happen to have a rotary paper cutter, scoring blades are available which make this task simple and quick.