Following up on the suggestion of a uniform numbering scheme by Gerry, KK7GAB during our debrief on September 24, 2022, here is a suggested list of abbreviations we might use on our ICS-213 forms as neighborhood hams. For example, in Northwest Santa Clara, the forms would be numbered NW-SC-001.

Northwest (NW)
Active Bethel CitizensNW-ABCNW-AB
Industrial Corridor Community OrganizationNW-ICCONW-IC
River Road Community OrganizationNW-RRCONW-RR
Santa Clara Community OrganizationNW-SCCONW-SC
Trainsong NeighborsNW-TNNW-TN
Northeast (NE)
Cal Young Neighborhood AssociationNE-CYNANE-CY
Goodpasture Island NeighborsNE-GINNE-GI
Harlow NeighborsNE-HNNE-HN
Northeast NeighborsNE-NNNE-NN
Southwest (SW)
Churchill Area NeighborsSW-CANSW-CA
Far West Neighborhood AssociationSW-FWNASW-FW
West Eugene Community OrganizationSW-WECOSW-WE
Southeast 1 (SE1)
Southeast NeighborsSE1-SNSE1-SN
Southwest Hills Neighborhood AssociationSE1-SHNASE1-SH
Southeast 2 (SE2)
Downtown Neighborhood AssociationSE2-DNASE2-DN
Friendly Area NeighborsSE2-FANSE2-FA
Jefferson Westside NeighborsSE2-JWNSE2-JW
West University NeighborsSE2-WUNSE2-WU
Whiteaker Community CouncilSE2-WCCSE2-WC
Southeast 3 (SE3)
Amazon Neighbors AssociationSE3-ANASE3-AN
Fairmount NeighborsSE3-FNSE3-FN
Laurel Hill Valley CitizensSE3-LHVCSE3-LH
South University Neighborhood AssociationSE3-SUNASE3-SU

City of Eugene neighborhood Damage Assessment Teams and Radio Team Leaders will
participate in the city-wide emergency radio communications drill on September 24, 2022. This
drill is intended to allow participants to practice neighborhood damage assessment and
emergency radio communications in an exercise setting and to evaluate expectations on the
use of handheld FRS/GMRS two-way radios, VHF/UHF HAM radio systems and ICS forms in a

Download the Exercise Plan PDF.

On Tuesday, September 20 from 6:30-8:00 pm Andy Davis will be giving a public introduction to forming Damage Assessment Teams, inside the Washington Park Community Center, 2125 Washington St. The presentation is hosted by Ready Friendly. FAN MYN members, ROs and all interested parties are welcome. The site is ADA accessible. If more info is needed, contact

Matt Dillon, W7ARD recommended that in future events involving relaying ICS-213 information to the Eugene EOC, that we reduce the “TO” address to just that brief string, “Eugene EOC”, without further address identification. He suggested that this will save a great deal of time when these forms are transmitted to the EOC.

Use only the phrase "Eugene EOC" in the "To" field of the ICS-213
Sample message

[from Andy Davis, KJ7JDN, August 13, 2022] Next Saturday August 20th between the hours of 10am and noon, we will hold a readiness exercise to see how quickly we can establish communications within our districts from the net control all the way down to the neighborhood “radio team leader”.

In this two-hour window, the EOC, played by W7ARD, will initiate a call on freq. 146.880 to all district net controls at a time of his choosing. We know that Damage Assessment Teams and their radio team leaders and the Eugene EmComm Net are “self-activating” units during disaster events, so hopefully beginning at 10am, districts have started to make comm connections with their district communication teams. When the call comes from the EOC, W7ARD, that is when the stop watch starts and each district will make contact with their link going down to the neighborhood radio team leaders. Once the last neighborhood radio team leader has been contacted, the stop watch is stopped and that time is relayed to the EOC, W7ARD for your district. The district with the fastest time gets a free all expenses paid trip to Hawaii for 4 days and 5 nights, meals included. If you believe that I have some well water land for sale on the west coast of Florida.

We will have an exercise debrief using zoom at 1300, 1pm for those that don’t know military time. For access to the Zoom link, please use the Contact Form.

We are in need of volunteers for two events coming up in August, 2022. If you would like to volunteer for either or both events, please use the Contact Form.

August 13 – Radio Basics Class

We will be offering an introductory class for community members interested in learning more about emergency radio communications. Attendees will be bringing questions, along with FRS, GMRS and Ham radios that they want to learn more about. Andy Davis will be doing the presentation. Volunteers will work with participants helping them understand what their radios are, and how they might fit into EmComm activities. Experience in programming radios is especially welcome! Volunteer.

August 21 – Friendly Area Neighborhood Picnic

FAN’s annual in-person picnic at Washington Park is back!! FAN hasn’t celebrated their neighborhood at Washington Park since 2018. There will be a CERT booth there, and we would love to have a Eugene EmComm booth. Volunteers would be speaking with neighbors about emergency communications in their neighborhood, explaining the role of Eugene EmComm, and encouraging participation in our organization. Volunteer.

Date: Sunday, August 21
Time: 4:30- 7:30 pm
Location: Washington Park, 2025 Washington St.

Andy Davis (KJ7JDN), Jim Davis (KJ7HCG) and Mike McCornack (KJ7HCH) joined CERTS Shiela Pardee and Phil Hartwig talking with folks in the Harlow Neighborhood at the Harlow Block Party, held at North Park Community Church on June 18, 2022. Despite a rainy start and setup, we had a great day and got to talk to a lot of wonderful neighbors, as well as the Eugene Emeralds mascot, Sluggo.