Dam Safety Risk and Flood Inundation Mapping

Presentation & Discussion

November 14, 2022
7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Join Zoom Meeting – https://tinyurl.com/DamSafetyMeeting

Ready NW Eugene* and River Road Community Organization (RRCO) are inviting you to join a zoom presentation and discussion with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) on Dam Safety Risk and Flood Inundation Mapping in the Eugene/Springfield area.

The purpose of this November 14th presentation is to inform the community, understand how to read the inundation maps, and to start an ongoing dialogue on this important topic. It is expected that this presentation is one of many discussions that we will have in the future on related topics, such as emergency alert systems or plans for rescue and evacuation in the event of a dam breach.

We invite you to attend and participate in the community conversation. You can find more details about the contents of this presentation in our Briefing Paper -> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cUO27IJv_cb4I5wLtBbtG30eNdHILss5/edit.

Feel free to send your RSVP or questions to ReadyNWEugene@gmail.com ahead of the presentation.

* Ready NW Eugene is a collaboration of the emergency preparedness teams within the River Road Community Organization, Active Bethel Community, and Santa Clara Community Organizations.

Gerry, KK7GAB at the EmComm booth

by Thia Bell, KJ7CNH

At Jerry’s Home Improvement Center’s safety day, October 8, 2022, both booths, CERT and EmComm, appeared to be fielding a steady stream of visiting families, kids and other curious responders.

The wildfire smoke seemed to hug the hills or at least was more visible there, and more people were wearing masks than I’ve seen lately, so it’s a good reminder those big particulates are still out there.

Meanwhile it is rather surprising how many people throughout Eugene, and south to Drain, felt the 4.4 quake Friday 40 mi north, or about 14 mi NE of Sweet Home. Although I was awake at 5:52 am, I did not feel a thing!  Perhaps it is fortunate it did not reach  the 4.5 threshold to trigger the Shake Alert warning system to send us ducking for cover. The proximity to the large Green Peter Dam and reservoir on the Santiam still seems a concern.

Coincidentally, Ready Friendly is holding a virtual tabletop evacuation discussion in a mock dam breach scenario after a simulated earthquake 10/20, the evening of the Great ShakeOut. More info and zoom link at www.friendlyareaneighbors.org.

Ready NW Eugene is following this on Nov 14 with a Dam Safety presentation by the US Army Corps of Engineers with lots of Q&A to find out more about the current status and risks of the Willamette River dams in our watershed.

Extra-large solar flares are said to be triggering M4.0s that could precede larger ones in next several days, in one theory. Or full moon in others.  Of course, staying alert with batteries charged never hurts.

Following discussion on the October 5, 2022 Net, here is a modified version of Gerry Brown’s (KK7GAB) numbering scheme for the ICS-213 forms. Those filling out the forms would number them using their four letter* neighborhood code, followed by a three digit number, e.g. “NWABxxx” or “S2FAxxx”, where “xxx” is a serial number beginning with 000.

*The numbered southeast neighborhoods are identified only by the abbreviation “S” and the neighborhood number; “SE1SN” becomes “S1SN” to adhere to the four character standard.

Northwest (NW)
Active Bethel CitizensNWAB
Industrial Corridor Community OrganizationNWIC
River Road Community OrganizationNWRR
Santa Clara Community OrganizationNWSC
Trainsong NeighborsNWTN
Northeast (NE)
Cal Young Neighborhood AssociationNECY
Goodpasture Island NeighborsNEGI
Harlow NeighborsNEHN
Northeast NeighborsNENN
Southwest (SW)
Churchill Area NeighborsSWCA
Far West Neighborhood AssociationSWFW
West Eugene Community OrganizationSWWE
Southeast 1 (SE1)
Southeast NeighborsS1SN
Southwest Hills Neighborhood AssociationS1SH
Southeast 2 (SE2)
Downtown Neighborhood AssociationS2DN
Friendly Area NeighborsS2FA
Jefferson Westside NeighborsS2JW
West University NeighborsS2WU
Whiteaker Community CouncilS2WC
Southeast 3 (SE3)
Amazon Neighbors AssociationS3AN
Fairmount NeighborsS3FN
Laurel Hill Valley CitizensS3LH
South University Neighborhood AssociationS3SU

Following up on the suggestion of a uniform numbering scheme by Gerry, KK7GAB during our debrief on September 24, 2022, here is a suggested list of abbreviations we might use on our ICS-213 forms as neighborhood hams. For example, in Northwest Santa Clara, the forms would be numbered NW-SC-001.

Northwest (NW)
Active Bethel CitizensNW-ABCNW-AB
Industrial Corridor Community OrganizationNW-ICCONW-IC
River Road Community OrganizationNW-RRCONW-RR
Santa Clara Community OrganizationNW-SCCONW-SC
Trainsong NeighborsNW-TNNW-TN
Northeast (NE)
Cal Young Neighborhood AssociationNE-CYNANE-CY
Goodpasture Island NeighborsNE-GINNE-GI
Harlow NeighborsNE-HNNE-HN
Northeast NeighborsNE-NNNE-NN
Southwest (SW)
Churchill Area NeighborsSW-CANSW-CA
Far West Neighborhood AssociationSW-FWNASW-FW
West Eugene Community OrganizationSW-WECOSW-WE
Southeast 1 (SE1)
Southeast NeighborsSE1-SNSE1-SN
Southwest Hills Neighborhood AssociationSE1-SHNASE1-SH
Southeast 2 (SE2)
Downtown Neighborhood AssociationSE2-DNASE2-DN
Friendly Area NeighborsSE2-FANSE2-FA
Jefferson Westside NeighborsSE2-JWNSE2-JW
West University NeighborsSE2-WUNSE2-WU
Whiteaker Community CouncilSE2-WCCSE2-WC
Southeast 3 (SE3)
Amazon Neighbors AssociationSE3-ANASE3-AN
Fairmount NeighborsSE3-FNSE3-FN
Laurel Hill Valley CitizensSE3-LHVCSE3-LH
South University Neighborhood AssociationSE3-SUNASE3-SU

City of Eugene neighborhood Damage Assessment Teams and Radio Team Leaders will
participate in the city-wide emergency radio communications drill on September 24, 2022. This
drill is intended to allow participants to practice neighborhood damage assessment and
emergency radio communications in an exercise setting and to evaluate expectations on the
use of handheld FRS/GMRS two-way radios, VHF/UHF HAM radio systems and ICS forms in a

Download the Exercise Plan PDF.

On Tuesday, September 20 from 6:30-8:00 pm Andy Davis will be giving a public introduction to forming Damage Assessment Teams, inside the Washington Park Community Center, 2125 Washington St. The presentation is hosted by Ready Friendly. FAN MYN members, ROs and all interested parties are welcome. The site is ADA accessible. If more info is needed, contact friendlyareaneighbors@gmail.com.