Andy Davis, KJ7JDN, spent Saturday, October 23rd checking in with the exercise volunteers in the field and at Net Control stations around Eugene. These are some of the volunteers in the Northeast District.

Hello folks,
The Eugene Emergency Manager has approved the exercise plan for our next month’s drill. He has recommended we have a safety brief prior to the exercise, a safety officer, and exercise evaluators. We can do a zoom meeting at the beginning of the exercise week for the safety brief. Each neighborhood team that will be walking and sweeping has a CERT so those CERTs remind the LS&R teams about being safe and ‘size up’ around them always. 
As for the evaluators, I haven’t figured that out yet.
I have attached the exercise plan [PDF link]. Please distribute to all who are playing in the exercise.
Thank you all and your neighbors for participating in this upcoming exercise drill. 

Andy Davis

KJ7JDN – Amateur Radio


Eugene EMCOMM Net Manager

Eugene/Springfield CERT Steering Committee Chair​

Northeast District CERT Leader is building on the foundation put in place with to provide web support for radio amateurs preparing to provide emergency communications for Eugene, Oregon and surrounding areas. Licensed HAM radio operators, as well as users of FRS and GMRS radios are working to prepare for emergencies where other traditional means of communication (land lines, and cell phones) may not be available. The group comprises volunteers of diverse interests and backgrounds, but with a common commitment to build and maintain an emergency communications infrastructure. While a possible Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake is a primary motivator, the group is preparing to be of service in any emergency where their communications skills may be needed.